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A Brief History Of The Dell Computer Company

Today in the world we live in you cannot go five minutes without picking up something that has a Dell ad on the cover of it. I mean really if you were to look everywhere they are advertising Dell like they are going out of business. I see them on the TV; they send you spam emails I mean if you were to think about it I think they are desperate for business even though they now own alien ware. That means that they will receive even less business. Dell to me is expensive like really, I was going to build a computer on the Dell website and I realized that I wasn't getting everything I wanted for $1500 so I was like there has got to be a better plan. So what I did was I got on Counterstrike and somebody had told me to go to so when I went to that site and saw the prices I reported back to Dell with so much complaining about how they were ripping people off but instead they weren't they are just building different models.Dell just came out recently in the last 10 years so most of the old timers probab...


Do You Need To Upgrade Your Monitor? Maybe You Want To Upgrade Your Entire Computer

If you still have the same old computer monitor that you have had since you bought your first computer then you need to seriously upgrade. The newer models of computer screens that we have the choice to buy today are way better then any computer screens I have ever seen. They even have some computer screens that look like plasma TVs. You just need to get out and go get a new monitor for your computer so you can actually enjoy yourself and your computer. If you haven't upgraded your computer and monitor for like 5 to 8 years then you need to get a whole new setup because that old medieval computer is not going to help you today.When you are looking for a new monitor for your computer you have a few new options and you still have the same old option, you can either buy an awesome new flat screen monitor for your computer or you can stay old school with your CRT screen. If you can not afford a good flat screen monitor then you can just get a newer version of your CRT. You can just go do that buy going online to ...


Some Simple Steps To Make Shopping For A New Laptop A Little Easier

Whenever you decide to buy computer, you need to take your time when deciding what you want to buy. A laptop is an item which potentially can be used anywhere from three to five years. You want to take your time in choosing one which will fit your lifestyle as well as your budget. This article will focus upon the three important factors anyone should think about when purchasing a laptop computer.The first key when shopping for a laptop is to decide what you will use the laptop for. If you are a business professional, you may have greater demands for an upscale computer because you may need to have Microsoft Office Small Business edition with contact management software. If you're someone who only will get on the computer to surf the Internet and check your e-mail, you do not have the same needs as the business professional. Think about what you use a computer for now as well as what you may use it for in the future. A good example of this may be a student. If you have a high school senior in your hous...


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