How to Easily Install Your New Computer Graphics Card

Installing a new video card isn't that hard at all I installed my new video card and I never knew anything about computer before I started playing games. Most people do not like installing their new video card and leave it up to a repair man or shop to install it, at the same time that I was installing my new video card I was also installing a new power supply and heat sink because the power supply that I had was only giving me 300 watts and the video card needed at least 350 watts to run. After that I just put the heat sink on too and that is the main thing that transfers heat from your computer and disperses it so I had to be very careful. That's just what I did and I didn't know anything about computers before I did all my own upgrades computers is simple really after you do some of the work yourself.

With someone knowing how to install a new video card it will only take about a whole 5 seconds to install the card itself but then you have to install the software that goes along with it which takes about 5 minutes. So the whole process is very quick and easy. You do not really need any tools other then a simple flathead or screw driver to unscrew the bolts from the video card as it will be attached the case of the computer.

All you do is turn off the computer, then open up your side of the case of the computer that opens, then you will see a set of chips there should be either 4 or 5 of them and your video/ graphics card will be the very first one on top. You will just want to unscrew the bolt from the side if there is one and slowly and gently pull it out of your interface. After that set the old one down and put the new video card in the same slot you pulled the old one out of. After that all you do is plug in the power supply if the video card takes one and then turn on the computer and start uploading the software for the video card. After all that is finished you should be ready to go to do anything you need to do or play with your new video card.

The whole installation is very easy and quick and doesn't take any time at all so do not go out and pay someone to do it for you. I thought about doing that but I wouldn't know everything I know today if I never would have done it myself so just do it yourself and you will be better off. It is the most simple thing that you can do its like putting in a DVD you just slide the video card into the slot and your done.


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